If you have 2 EGGS and 1 cup of Oats, make this recipe in 5 minutes! Eat plenty and stay lean.

Publicado em 5 Mar 2021
If you have 2 EGGS and 1 cup of Oats, make this recipe in 5 minutes! Eat plenty and stay lean.
Hello, I strongly recommend you to try this recipe. Enjoy your meal ❤️ You will be satisfied with the result! 👌 Enjoy your meal already.

Necessary materials
1 cup of oats 85 grams
1 glass of warm milk 200 ml
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon of cheese
2 eggs
Salt, Black Pepper and Cumin

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  • For a totally different ham & cheese flavor profile I make this recipe using finely shredded cheddar rather than feta and a powdered ham flavor seasoning (e.g. Goya) instead of cumin. I also use Scottish oats (basically rolled oats chopped finely in a blender) which also reduces preparation time.

  • My friend made this for her children. Cooked it in a pot, left out the (painful amount of) salt, added a bit of sweetener (honey or brown sugar), cinnamon and raisins and called it porridge pudding. Her kids didn’t like oatmeal, but they loved porridge pudding!

  • I was just about to get up and make my standard porridge and this popped up. So glad it did. I had all the ingredients and made it exactly as described. Really easy and very delicious. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  • Lubię dania,które nie są skomplikowane i szybko się je przyrządza,,a na dodatek smakują 👍

  • Came out very tasty for me despite some mistakes I made (like mixing the olive oil into the oats, adding a bit too much milk, etc). What surprised me even more was how it went so well with the Chinese chicken stir fry I had made yesterday! Awesome recipe for something you can churn out in 5 minutes!

  • Increíble, me quedó super deliciosa, parecía pan, y no sabía a avena, en mi caso, la próxima vez debo remojar más tiempo la avena, por que aún sentía algunas hojuelas duras, lo hice con leche de almendras, y no saben delicioso, muchas gracias por compartir 🙏🙏🙏💫

  • This is probably the only cooking videos I’ve watched that I actually have all the ingredients at home. Going to try this on Sunday.

  • Humm! Parece muito bom! 😋

  • This is SO DELICIOUS!! I made it this morning and added a banana, Cinnamon and Cacao powder to the dough before I baked it. Did not use the cumin. We enjoyed it with peanut butter and honey. So easy to make.

  • Looks great and tastes great. Tried it, but with a twist, I added cinnamon instead of cumin and a bit of brown sugar.

  • Huumm ... delícia! Muito origada por colocar legenda em português!

  • Çok güzel bi tarifmiş denedim ve beğendik ayrıca çocuklarım da sonunda yulaflı bişeyi severek yemeye başladı. 😉👍

  • Wow, wygląda świetnie. Jutro zrobię na śniadanie 🤗

  • I just had this recipe, and I really liked it. I didn't put spices in it because my stomach isn't so great, but still I loved it and I will make more times, no doubt. Thank you!

  • Fiz e ficou delicioso 😋

  • Humm....obrigado, vou fazer hoje mesmo!! Parece muito bom!🥰🥰🥰

  • ¡¡Que facil es y que buena pinta tiene!! Gracias por los subtítulos en español. ¡Cada vez voy entendiendo mejor el turco! por lo menos los saludos del principio y la despedida 😄 Barcelona, Ispanya'dan selamlar

  • Super kanał długo szukałem takich przepisów z mąki ale też takiego z płatków na słono dziękuję że mogę oglądać w języku polskim

  • I did a breakfast version of this with fruit and cinnamon and served it with yoghurt! It was delicious!

  • SUPER!!!!😍 Napewno zrobię to danie na śniadanie!!! Dziękuje Pozdrawiam Serdecznie 🤗❤