Incredible! Why didn't you think of doing this before?! The result is amazing and delicious

Publicado em 17 Dez 2021
Incredible! Why didn't you think of doing this before?! The result is amazing and delicious
All neighbors will be asking for the recipe! They are so delicious! A quick and delicious recipe. For cooking, you will need some cottage cheese. Have a good time.
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Necessary materials
1 glass of warm milk (200 ml)
1 glass of warm water (200 ml)
1 egg
1 tablespoon of sugar (15 grams)
1 teaspoon (8 grams) of salt
1 tablespoon of dry yeast (10 grams)
5.5 cups of flour (660 grams)

For Filling:
Cottage cheese ( 200 grams )
half a bunch of parsley

For frying: enough vegetable oil

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